Zoë Hirson

Zoe Hirson


Found wood, poetry


38 x 9 x 2

Each sculpture comes with its own poem by the artist:

Solitude, loneliness and being an artist


“Aren’t you lonely being an artist?

I mean, don’t you want to go out?

Don’t you miss being with people?”


“No. I am very happy doing my art 24/7

I go out when I need to.”


“But that’s lonely.

It’s not normal!”

(Don’t ask me to comment on that word, please).


“Let me tell you a typical day:

Before dawn,

I roam my internal landscape.

Oh the places I go!

I travel

till I reach the shores of my heart

and let the waves wash over

the pebbles of my hurt.

Then, when I have done my admin,

Wood joins me.

We talk about gender and identity

About friendship

And the way we grow.

Wood talks to me about the courage it takes

to be my own best friend.”