thabisa mjo

I am … hope

19.06.19 > 27.07.19

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Thabisa Mjo brilliantly embodies the young generation of unstoppable South African designers. Creative, entrepreneurial and with a social and feminist conscience, Thabisa designs to create a more beautiful, stronger society.

Her Tutu Lamp 2.0, inspired by the skirts worn by Tsonga women, won the prestigious Design Indaba prize in 2018 for “The Most Beautiful Object in South Africa.”

For Thabisa, design is above all about emotions; her creations bring joy and a dynamic of unrivaled forms.

With Mash.T Design Studio, a design and interior design studio based in Johannesburg, Thabisa develops a colorful and adventurous universe mixing traditional know-how with contemporary design.

Thabisa also created Girls With Big Dreams, an association for rural women’s education.

The Bonne Espérance gallery presents Thabisa’s latest creations and unreleased pieces.